Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mark Steyn
on superheroes.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cut yer hair, ya hippie

Thanks to David Thompson, who always has something great on Fridays.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Superboy Returns!

Not really sure how it's going to happen, but according to DC's blog The Source, Connor will be starring in Adventure Comics starting in August, written by Geoff Johns.

My heart feels relief for Tim Drake, who (despite Tony Daniel trying to convince us he's a third-stringer) deserves his best friend back from the dead.

Also I still have Michael Turner's beautiful memorial to Superboy--Robin holding his shirt--as my desktop.

Maybe it will make Cassie less boring too, cause McKeever has destroyed whatever personality she once had. While they're at it, dispose of this "new new" Teen Titans team ASAP and have a little young justice reunion (even Bart is back these days.)

Straw Dogs Remake

According to the infinitely time-consuming a remake of Straw Dogs is in production, with James Marsden in the role played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1971 cult classic.

The only discernible difference so far is a very obvious Hollywood alteration: in the brutal Peckinpah rape/revenge classic, David Sumner takes his wife home to her family's house in England, where the locals proceed to torment them.

Of course in the new Rod Lurie version (the man behind Geena Davis as an Independent US President) David Sumner takes his wife to her childhood home in the "deep south", where everyone in LA who's never been south of Baja knows without a doubt that Southern Americans are cruel, ignorant, vicious bigots.

Seems like a strange remake to me, being that it's impossible for a reproduction to have the same effect of Peckinpah's man-up bloodbath, but I suppose Lurie, like every other Hollywood liberal these days, has some class anger he's gotta get out somehow. Might as well make a few million while doing it. At least Marsden's a pretty boy.