Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Week's Comics

In lieu of US Open coverage, most likely (and inconsiderately) rained out for a second day in a row, we return to our regularly scheduled Wednesday new comic pick up. Sometimes a three-day weekend is just too much for the distributors to handle and new comics get pushed to Thursday, but I have read nothing to make me suppose that is the case this week and thus I shall venture forth, through whatever elements mother nature may hurl upon me, to purchase and protect the following titles.


Action Comics #1:  The DC Relaunch heats up as they roll out some of their biggest #1s this week, including the much anticipated beginning of Grant Morrison doing Superman. Without redundantly confessing I don't enjoy his comics, the truth is I'll buy an issue of Batman no matter who's worked on it. Superman, however, is not a title I instinctively or regularly pick up. So, obviously, I'm giving this one a chance, but it's like slacking off hardcore senior year and entering college already on academic probation. Don't screw up during your first semester.

7 for all Kryptonian-kind.
Batgirl #1:  This may actually be the most heralded new DC comic, more than Superman or Justice League. This week we get the return of Barbara Gordon, not only to the world of biped mobility, but superheroics. Debate goes back and forth on this, since it's the one area DC actually decided to take a risk and do something drastically new in their All New Universe, but again I'm willing to reserve judgment. Sure, I never understood all the love for Gail Simone, but maybe that's cause I haven't read Secret Six. Sure, I completely loved Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, but....well actually I haven't given up hope of her return. The point is, I've gotta believe that Barbara, after still getting shot by the Joker in Killing Joke, belongs up and about, swinging off rooftops and punching gang bangers, instead of hacking into government files, mentoring young female metas and getting Batman out of jams.

Detective Comics #1:  Proof that I'll buy a Batman comic no matter who's the writer/artist.

Stormwatch #1:  I'm relatively fond of Martian Manhunter, though not enamored, and I read a bunch of Authority TPBs back in the day and mostly enjoyed them. I'm also a fairly regular fan of Paul Cornell. But there's only one reason I'm buying this: Apollo and Midnighter. What kind of gay superhero-obsessed comic fan would I be if I didn't? Yes, they retconned their gay wedding and all their relationship stuff, but that just means we get to see it again right? The white haired superman and the less-morally-rigid leather-clad Batman, flirting and fighting cosmic evil. Suits me fine.


Heroes for Hire #11:  Almost entirely forgot this comic was still in rotation. I doubt it will be much longer. Misty Knight and a few of her less interesting hero friends are mixing it up in the Fear Itself-hit city, specifically the breakout at super-villain prison the Raft. Featuring the Purple Man, a villain who should honestly be in New Avengers not here. Not Abnett & Lanning's finest work, but still worth a shot.

New Avengers Annual #11:  Despite his strange assemblage of C-Listers, I'm looking forward to seeing Simon/Wonder Man lead his Revengers in an attempt to stop Steve Rogers and ruin all his hard work. I've honestly never cared for Simon--I disliked his feelings for Wanda, his attitude as a West Coast-er, his horrible collared jacket, his completely overestimated brain patterns, his unconvincing heterosexuality, and his ambitions for a film career. He'll probably be way better as a mouth-foaming, knuckle-dragging, rage monster.

Punisher #3:  I've been hearing a lot of great buzz about this one, and I do love Greg Rucka, so I'm gonna at least see if they have #s 1 and 2 still in the store.

Spider-Island Avengers #1:  A cheap one-shot, it looks mostly humorous, considering it features Frog Man and Squirrel Girl. Better that than the usual grim event tie-in story of love and death in a time of war.

X-Factor #224.1:   The whole point-one initiative has proven to be distinctly idiotic, but I'll read X-Factor no matter what. It seems their latest investigation takes them to Madrox's home town, where I assume some discoveries will be made regarding Jamie's past and actual Mutant status, as explored in Peter David's pre-Factor Madrox miniseries. Even if it doesn't address those issues (which have been lingering for a long time) and even if it doesn't address the whole Scarlet-Witch-is-restoring-Rictors-powers-in-another-book-as-we-speak thing, it'll still be worth it to see the ol' cast together. Soon, there's gonna be some changes, some old friends returning and a new mission, all effected by Wolverine, and I can't wait to see how it comes about.

X-Men #17:  Victor Gischler, in his constant attempts to tie the X-Men to the rest of the superheroing world, gives us an FF team up and a time travel adventure with monsters, ruins and dinosaurs. Yes, this came out a few months ago and was previously called an Amazing Spider-Man tie-in with the FF. No doubt Ben Grimm will turn into Blackbeard at some point.


Irredeemable #29:  Wherein we hopefully get more of Modeus' love for Plutonian. Also featuring...the Plutonian's parents?? Waid keeps coming up with simple, obvious questions and storylines, but they're brilliant and shocking every time.

A fairly good looking week, with some old favorites and some new twists with potential. Stay dry, keep your fingers crossed for some actual tennis, and have a great day. Here's your moment of zen:

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