Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Main Character Suicides: Plot Development Courtesy of Obama

*obligatory spoiler warning*

In this week's episode of House, Kutner, one of the five main doctors on the show, was found in his apartment after shooting himself in the head. Further reporting reveals that actor Kal Penn requested to leave the show for his new job as an associate director at the Office of Public Liaison in the Obama administration.

Kal Penn is best known for playing one of the two idols for stonerhood in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, and its relevant sequel Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. In his new career he will be contributing the same amount of value to society, and his selfless resignation from a massively successful TV serial also enabled the writers to satisfy their unquenchable hunger and respect for unexplained death as plot device.

The closest reason any of the team of super diagnostic geniuses came up with for his suicide? Naturally, the disrespect his white adopted parents had for the heritage of his murdered parents and their suppression of his true nature. On next week's episode a Muslim is admitted with shrapnel embedded in his whole body from a failed suicide bomb, and while they make him worse for 50 minutes, and then suddenly better, they learn the true nobility and purpose death can serve.

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