Saturday, August 22, 2009

Conservative Celebrities (Yes, they actually exist.)

A Rule 5 Sunday Special

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

She might not be a complete and total conservative, but a self-identified Republican, but I still love her madly. And her baby's due....really really soon by the looks of it.

Emma Caulfield:

Yet another Whedon alum revealed to be a 'hardcore republican.' Explains why she hasn't had many big roles since Buffy and Darkness Falls. Check out her indie movie TiMER and her new webcomic Contropussy.

Jim Caviezel:

Catholic digest has an interview with the actor in which he speaks out against abortion, talks about prayer, The Stoning of Sooraya M., adoption and playing Jesus. That might have been the role that got him blacklisted, but I always loved his Count of Monte Cristo. (Nothing beats Dumas, sorry Bible.)

Angie Harmon:

Knew it. Sweet ass hot chick, with a footballer hubby. Wish they wouldn't keep canceling their shows.

Heather Locklear:

Proves that old wives' tale, the one about how conservative women never age. Or wait, maybe I just made that up, because she never freakin' ages. Heard she's guesting on the new Melrose Place remake.

Pete Sampras:

You can't get a much better example of humanity than Mr. Pistol Pete. Generally, if he believes it, so should you. The guy is the best player ever (keep your Nadals and Federers, thank you very much), the classiest sportsman, the most articulate privacy-lover, and he married a beautiful blonde (and probably convinced her to go conservative too.) God bless Pete.

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  1. Great post, Cap. I think Sarah is more like a Libertarian, or at least I'd like to think so. And Emma, oh Emma. What a heart melting picture. The media loves to portray everyone in Hollywood as a enlightened liberal, but I know better. I know there are those who aren't lock/step conformist bleeding hearts (although you can be something other than liberal AND care about others---shock), despite what we might be deceived into believing. Myself, I'm more on the libertarian side. Fiscal conservative, socially liberal. Thanks for the great article, Cap....