Saturday, August 15, 2009


Saving Grace: Not sure why TNT would cancel one of its' highest rated programs, nor one of its' best written ones, but it has. The current season will be extended, with remaining episodes to air next summer (drag it out, why don't you.)

I quite like this show, and am upset by this seemingly premature ending. Holly Hunter is fantastic and the rest of the cast are pretty stellar. Sometimes it gets a bit dark (childhood trauma, kidnappings, vicious lesbian beat downs) but its balanced by some really exceptional laugh-out-loud humor (mostly in the form of increasingly elaborate pranks the PD officers play on each other.) Otherwise the interplay between a basic cop procedural and a spiritual odyssey is masterful and engaging. And Grace Annadarko, with her instincts, her faults, her fierce loyalty, could be easily watched for five more years. The Closer keeps getting new seasons, so why not this one? Shame on you TNT, especially for sticking with Raising The Bar and other shlockfests instead of this gem.

Reno 911: Nooooo! So long running and continuously funny, I recently thought the show was immortal. Curse me for a Jonah, an ill-luck bringing cove. The show has been definitively canceled, and I'm pretty sure the season that aired this year was the last we'll get to see.

Hopefully the comedians who helm this fine farce, mostly grads of the cult famous The State, will continue to get work. After all, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter keep getting shows, why not these blorks?

For more from these guys, check 'em out perfectly spoofing Point Break at Cinemash. (Channing Tatum doing Dirty Dancing is pretty choice too.

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