Saturday, August 1, 2009

TV News and Film Reviews

Doctor Who:

Aside from the already reported return of River Song (Alex Kingston) in the new series of Doctor Who which has only recently begun filming, yet another returning character and actor can be revealed. BBC announced that John Simm will be returning as the Master.

It seems like an obvious tactic, the bringing back of recent recognizable characters, meant to convince those who need convincing that Matt Smith is, in fact, the Doctor. For my own part, I am waiting for his first full episode to make any distinction, but the inevitable continuance of so many already known relationships and plot lines, while comforting, smacks a tiny bit of doubt. As in, without Tennant, Davies or even Piper, Steven Moffat is worried his own stories and completely original creations will stand up on their own, and satisfy his ravenous BBC audience.

Considering the quality of Tennant's final specials (well, the ones that have aired, at least) I don't think he needs to worry. It seems this franchise will get massive ratings no matter what kind of show they put on. But one can hope that some of the freshness, and earnest originality from the first two years will return with these old favorites.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

This show, which has never failed to make me guffaw or giggle, or perpetrate some other audible laughing variation, and which torments one with its fairly short seasons and even longer hiatuses (hiati? haiti?) is now coming out with a direct-to-dvd movie length feature!
The Christmas special comes out in November (17th?) and will certainly hold me over till the new series premieres (in which, apparently, the gang tackles the economy, with Charlie marketing "kitten mittens" and Dee applying for surrogacy until she has an octomom situation on her hands.) Being such renowned and natural do-gooders, I am positive the holiday movie will warm the heart...mostly by a lack of oxygen as your sides begin to split. The Friends gang was also a bunch of assholes, they just never admitted it.

(Hat tip: Forces of Geek, obviously.)


For movie reviews, be sure to check out Debbie Schlussel. She sure knows how to rip into the clunkers, which is always entertaining, but when she truly loves something it makes you that much more certain that you need to see it. (And she's not even the slightest bit squeamish when it comes to horror or sci/fi and of the other so-called lowbrow genres.) This week she tears into Funny People, and praises some foreign stuff. I'm especially fond of her for loving Drag Me To Hell, and even having Harper's Island on her amazon favorites widget.

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