Saturday, August 8, 2009

Geoff Johns

The talented Geoff Johns is everywhere these days. He resuscitated Green Lantern, relaunched Teen Titans, and re-birthed the Flash. Now his epic crossover event Blackest Night has begun, and he is basically the counterpart to Brian Michael Bendis at Marvel--that is to say, the main creative force of the DC Universe.

There is a recent interview on Comic Alliance which he tweeted was the best interview he has ever done, so I thought it was worthy of linkage. In it, he mentions his sister's death years ago in the horrible explosion of TWA Flight 800, and how it affected him (according to Wikipedia he created the character Stargirl, who shares his sister's name Courtney, around her.) He also mentions the death of Michael Turner, fantastic artist, great guy and dear friend, as another source of grief and anger, and how these personal experiences fed into the writing of Blackest Night (which is very, very much concerned with death.)

So far, I've become quite the fan of his. And I am very, very glad that he is in charge, as opposed to Grant Morrison. He seems to love to write, and we are all the beneficiaries of his obsession.

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