Monday, August 17, 2009

Downey Jr. To Play Vampire Lestat?

According to Bloody-Disgusting, a new Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles novel is set to be scripted, filmed and released by Universal Pictures. They've even confirmed Robert Downey Jr. is in talks for the lead role of Lestat (Tom Cruise's character in Interview.)

I recall reading and watching Interview with a Vampire, and I recall not finishing and not watching Queen of the Damned, but as for the other 8 novels in the series, I've got nothing. Vampires are much less interesting when they're broody and long-winded, and not metaphors for humans to fight against.

Still, Downey has proven to be the guy to breathe life back into genres and franchises alike (though I'm very, very skeptical about this Sherlock farce coming on.) Whether or not he does the project (my advice is no, Rob) he's clearly number one in the big-little Hollywood world, so I suppose congratulations are in order.

Mostly I just can't wait for Iron Man 2.

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