Tuesday, August 4, 2009

X-Men Exodus

The climax of the X-Men/Dark Avengers crossover "Utopia" has been previewed on Comic Book Resources. The one-shot issue titled "Exodus" apparently features the knock-down, drag-out, long-time-coming fight between the X-Men and the Dark Avengers. (I don't see too many of the Dark X-Men in the preview, except for the strange Omega Man who's power seems to be killing other mutants unintentionally.)

A few of the match-ups seem inspired and necessary, like the offspring of Wolvie duking it out, or Hawkeye/Bullseye facing off with a death metal Archangel. Less fulfilling is seeing Northstar portrayed as a douche again, paired up with Dazzler and despite super speed not fast enough to avoid a slash from Dark Beast. Still it looks like my kinda battle scene, and even if no dialogue is added I'll be pretty happy. Only thing better is if "Exodus" translates as the team leaving San Francisco. (That city's not good for them, no, nor for anyone. Westchester misses them.)

The issue is released on September 9th, written by Matt Fraction (who will hopefully make up for what's been a rather weak, even cliched crossover so far) and superbly, beautifully, enchantingly drawn by Mike Deodato.

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