Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best Gay Webcomics and Other Links

Awhile back I wrote about the enjoyable sci/fi gay webcomic Artifice, which has since been completed and is available to be read in its entirety. Alex Woolfson, the writer and seemingly owner/designer of the website, has another one up called the Young Protectors, which is also gay but a superhero ongoing instead of a science fiction one. It's pretty fun already, and has some great art:

As opposed to, say, doing work, I recently made a tour of some of the more highly recommended gay webcomics. Hit the jump for a couple links, pictures, and brief summaries. And to be clear, these are NSFW types of webcomics, though they're well written and with engaging stories, so if that's not your thing...well scroll down really fast for the news link about Jessica Chastain joining Iron Man 3.

Starfighter:  This one's my favorite. Set in some far distant future on a military spacestation who's ranks consist of two main sects: the Fighters and the Navigators. The former ones are aggressive and powerful and instinctive, if shortsighted, and the latter are intelligent, deliberate, and generally vulnerable. The two pilot and fight their ships together against villainous aliens, though the universe/backstory isn't fully explained.

Probably cause it's a bit incidental, since the main story is the relationship between Cain and Abel (codenames) which, aside from being very rough and very sexual and, yes, very hot, has some layers of mystery and manipulation that are slowly being revealed. The art is fantastic, the dialogue entirely natural, the pace feels perfect, and all the rest is just pure fantasy fulfillment. Written and drawn by HamletMachine. Definitely gonna keep following this one. [Starfighter]

Teahouse:  For a webcomic about a brothel, this one is actually less explicit than Starfighter, spending more of its time focusing on the various relationships between the courtesans, clients and management, a particularly intricate and human web of interpersonal drama. Considering I don't generally like Japanese style anime art, and this aesthetic is a bit similar, the art is hugley impressive and eminently readable. The colors and intricacies are a bit mindboggling when you consider how long a single page takes to produce.

It's a fun webcomic, sultry and satisfying and surprisingly romantic. Also intend to keep checking in on this one as well. [Teahouse]

Iron Man 3:  It looks as if Jessica Chastain is definitely joining the cast of the 3rd Iron Man. Guy Pearce has already been cast as scientist Aldrich Killian which tells us the movie will center on the Extremis plot, and therefore one can assume Jessica will be Maya Hansen. As long as it's better than Iron Man 2 I don't really care who's in it. A little hard to get excited about this one, but I have a feeling Avengers will put me back in the mood. [Bleeding Cool]

Nova:  In an interview Jeph Loeb unfortunately confirmed for me that the Nova who appeared in Avengers vs. X-Men is not Richard Rider. It's some dude named Sam or Alex or whatever from the cartoon, which is bullshit. Who cares about the cartoon? If you want to make Nova a big time player, why not use the character that has been established for decades and only improved as time went on? The argument that he was for a different generation makes me angry. What generation were Captain America, Batman, Superman created for? I don't need a Disney channel original character. I need Richard Rider to be rescued from the Cancerverse. [CBR]

Target:  The giant store has made a brilliant marketing move, making Avengers logos and figures out of merchandise found in the store. Shiny. Enjoy. [Target]

Oh and, just for funsies, HamletMachine has a some Young Avengers fan art up on deviantart. Hard not include this one. Cheers.

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  1. I was looking for these comics in the list of top 100 web comics for 2104 but then I realized that they belong to a different category..having a particular set of audience. Thanks for sharing this!