Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Week's Comics - 6/13/12

Pick of the Week is Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #10, cause the premise is rather cool (Buffy's soul in buffybot body vs. Buffy's body with new rebellious independent soul,) Xander and Dawn get some action (helping the SFPD fight zompires,) and who knows how long Season 9 will continue being enjoyable.

Other than the Buffster we've got mostly Marvel as per usual, with a couple AvX tie-ins (including the strangely ahead-of-the-game X-Men Legacy which gives us a good idea what the Phoenix Five are up to...hint: it's disturbing) and one of the few DC comics I still pick up regularly (hint: Scott Snyder's a pretty incredible writer.)

Jump for pull. Or don't. But its new comic book day, so have a good one either way.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bunheads Review

I really liked it.

I should admit right off the bat that I am a pretty diehard Gilmore Girls fan. I'm also a fan of any ballet-related stories. I've long awaited something new from Amy Sherman-Palladino that I could get behind (do NOT mention, or even think about, The Return of Jezebel James)so when I first heard about Bunheads I was naturally excited.

Sure there was some hesitation; ABC Family has a way of making everything they're airing sound horrendously cheesy in their advertisements. (Either tell your voiceover guy to stop fake grinning while he speaks or hire a classy female voice.) Also the typical ABCFam schedule generally resemble shows MTV would have rejected whose writing makes Rizzoli & Isles look like Mamet.

So I went in to last night's Bunheads premier with no expectations, just the desire to be pleased and feel some of that rhythm, and comfort and fun that has been missing since Gilmore Girls retired.

And I liked it. A lot. (Spoilers follow)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Week's Comics - 6/6/12

A very light week, always a good opportunity to save some money, or else a good opportunity to plunge into the back issue boxes. There are only four comics I'm definitely picking up today, probably at lunch unless there's some good tennis to watch (yesterdays matches were amazing, and the only thing I want to see today is Ferrer beat Murray) and they're all Marvel.

However, they're some big ones, including the Pick of the Week, AvX #5 in which the first "act" comes to a "fiery" conclusion.

Jump for Pull.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Captain Elias' Favorite Things

The ol' birthday is comin' up, and coupled with the new social attempts, street fairs, Pride and French Open, and a strange lack of any comic/tv news that is remotely interesting, my writing material feels downright gossamer.

So I shall opine on trivialities, which is a blogger's rightful resource, starting with this thing that I love very much and want to cherish in person: The Super Pint Glass.

Frothy foamy fun wrapped in a cape never looked so tasty. Click onward for more favorite things, including the return of To Wong Foo into my life and the magic of the red clay.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Official: DC Turns Original Green Lantern Gay

So Bleeding Cool had it right, the New DC character who has been rebooted as a Super 'Mo is Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern.

I was hoping this wasn't the case despite the persistent rumors. Mostly because I've never had any interest at all in Alan Scott, or most of the JSA for that matter, even if they DO predate the Justice League. There are too many of them, all obscure and mostly irrelevant, who are written as afterthoughts or with dialogue from decades past (not in a good way.)

James Robinson and DC claim this was not a PR move and are utterly shocked by the amount of media coverage it is getting. And Marvel didn't think Northstar's gay Central Park wedding would get attention either, they're just so glad someone thought to print out 2 million Save the Date promotional cards and send them to all major news publications.

(The rant continues after the jump as I get myself increasingly angry about this.)