Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This Week's Comics - 6/6/12

A very light week, always a good opportunity to save some money, or else a good opportunity to plunge into the back issue boxes. There are only four comics I'm definitely picking up today, probably at lunch unless there's some good tennis to watch (yesterdays matches were amazing, and the only thing I want to see today is Ferrer beat Murray) and they're all Marvel.

However, they're some big ones, including the Pick of the Week, AvX #5 in which the first "act" comes to a "fiery" conclusion.

Jump for Pull.


Avengers Academy #31:  The Avengers kids and X-youth get into the AvX war after a series of mistaken motivations leads to an all out brawl. Seems like it was coming from the beginning, and there are some interesting match-ups, such as Surge vs. Striker, and X-23 vs. Sebastian Shaw. I doubt the fight will last the whole issue, and in fact one assumes that some of the Avengers Academy kids will change sides and support the X-kids as they get in the real game. One wonders what the Young Avengers are up to these days. Perhaps they'll enter AvX when Wanda/Scarlet Witch does, which I expect to happen soon, if not today.

AvX #5:  Avengers vs. X-Men. On the moon. As the Phoenix finally arrives to consume/empower Hope. It's an interesting match-up. Cyclops has a depleted X-tinction team; mostly classic X-Men but Illyana feels a bit out of place, and it seems unlikely that Black Widow could really take her down. Cap has a modified version of the Film Avengers cast. There's a feeling the X-Men, or at least Hope, will prevail, and we may finally learn what No More Avengers really means. (It can't be that literal can it?)

Uncanny X-Men #13:  AvX tie-in. This one could possibly be more interesting than AvX for me, since we get to see some of the cooler X-Men who didn't get to go to the moon for the final(ish) confrontation. Magneto, Psylocke, Storm and Dr. Nemesis are in a safehouse, half-wounded, and have to find a way to help their fellow X-Men and Hope, or else deal with a new threat that emerges. Namely, Sinister, and what he's been doing since his early Uncanny arc. Naturally he's very interested in Hope and rebirth of mutant species and anything related to genetic control and forced evolution. After all he long had a hand in both the genetic family trees of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, so who knows what he's got brewing. I just want to see Storm more involved in AvX and since she's not on the moon, this is the place to find her.

X-Factor #237:  Entirely un-AvX related, which is refreshing though I always want to see what the Factor crew would do when pulled into their old teammates' fights. The main story here is how Rahne is pretty much destroyed since her whole feral wolf baby abandonment, growing more and more secluded and grim and extremely religious. So naturally Banshee and Lorna take her for a road trip. It also seems Banshee is accused of murder somewhere and Madrox gets a new case. I feel like Layla Miller would know something about Hope, considering what she went through during Messiah Complex and the future she's seen. Would love to see her pop up later in AvX but until then this comic is consistently fun and original and a far cry from the spectacle of the other superhero titles.

Happy new comics day. Enjoy. Nole for President.

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