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This Week's Comics - 6/13/12

Pick of the Week is Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #10, cause the premise is rather cool (Buffy's soul in buffybot body vs. Buffy's body with new rebellious independent soul,) Xander and Dawn get some action (helping the SFPD fight zompires,) and who knows how long Season 9 will continue being enjoyable.

Other than the Buffster we've got mostly Marvel as per usual, with a couple AvX tie-ins (including the strangely ahead-of-the-game X-Men Legacy which gives us a good idea what the Phoenix Five are up to...hint: it's disturbing) and one of the few DC comics I still pick up regularly (hint: Scott Snyder's a pretty incredible writer.)

Jump for pull. Or don't. But its new comic book day, so have a good one either way.


Buffy Season 9 #10:  Buffy faces off against her rebellious body and Simone the Punk Rock Gun-Lovin Terrible Hairystyled anti-slayer. Meanwhile she's needed rather badly in San Fran as the zompire population explodes (literally and figuratively) leaving Dawn and Xander as the resident experts, helping out the police and coordinating their efforts. Judging by the variant cover things go badly for Buffy, but that could just be an homage to some famous cover I'm not remembering. Mostly it's an identity issue worked out through violence. Classic. (PS Where IS Willow? In London with Angel and Faith that's where.)


Batman #10:  Snyder switches things up a bit as Batman goes on the offensive and takes the fight to the Court of Owls. Apparently we learn who the main head honcho owl calling the shots is, though I have no clue if we know him/her or if it's a new character entirely. Either way I trust the Snydman. Additionally we have the back-up feature dealing with the Wayne's past and even Alfred's father and their past betrayals, murders, cover-ups, and connections to the Owls. Seedy and sinister and good clean fun.


Avengers #27:  Back to the Space-Avengers story (though technically Thor is unconscious on our moon at the moment.) Noh-Var has turned on his teammates by order of the Supreme Intelligence and the recently resurrected (then smacked down? I forget) Captain Mar-Vell. Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers is no longer on his side and appears confused by his actions (mind control? I forget) and fights back. This mini space saga has turned out to be less cohesive than expected and less enjoyable, considering it features a great cast (except for Cap Britain and War Machine) and a returning fave. Let's get these folks back to Earth already and move into AvX's second act.

Avengers Assemble #4:  This comic has been surprisingly enjoyable, and quite skillfully captures the tone and fun of the film. Enter Thanos. Hulk hoists Mjolnir. 'Nuff said.

AvX Vs. #3:  Juggerlossus (Colossonaut?) versus Red Hulk.  Honestly? We've had 3 Vs. issues and these two have been in both I believe. Boring as hell. Also even if you don't let Peter win, he becomes 1/5th of the Phoenix in a couple minutes so Red Hulk can kiss it goodbye. Same goes for the other match-up, Magik vs. Black Widow. Though the end result is the same, at least we may get a chance to see the newly popular Natasha use her assassin wiles to hold her own with a super powerful demon sorceress teleporter. Basically this issue is about watching the slightly evil Rasputin siblings beat up Avengers before they become partial Gods. Strange.

Fantastic Four #607:  Spotlight on Crystal and Ronin, stuck on Earth as the Kree rebel against the Inhumans rule of their empire. I would prefer to see this story told in a Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning comic, or at least in its own cosmic title or miniseries, rather than thrown into FF as an afterthought. However I like reading about Crystal a lot, and her relationship with Ronin was a slow burn evolution that I think has paid off. Interested to see what Hickman does with that, and hopefully he'll set up some truly cosmic-centric stories for the coming years.

Uncanny X-Force #26:  Psylocke and Fantomex (who's currently busy at a kinky fetish no holds barred party) get awkward before she leaves the team (temporarily Im guessing) and visits the Jean Grey School to check on Angel (where she gets an "unexpected surprise.") Meanwhile we meet more of the Omegas and presumably see Logan and AoA Nightcrawler face off against them while trying to recover Deadpool. Also the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants rears their head and sets their plan in motion, and I'm super intrigued to see who Remender has put on that roster.

X-Men #30:  Not sure what this one's about, but it features Storm and her newish team who have their own mandate. Stopping not-so-natural disasters? Not positive but I think it's global. And Pixie joins their ranks, teleporting around the world and onto their moving HQ, which seems to be a large souped up blackbird. New writer, new chance, here's hoping it works. (Suggestion: don't have War Machine guest star.)

X-Men Legacy # 268:  Spotlight on Frenzy. This is particularly strange because this is our first glimpse of what the Phoenix Five, and consequently the X-Men, are doing to the planet Earth. Cyclops/Phoenix is in a fictional African country suppressing rebels and ending war and violence of any kind, through tyrannical creepy totalitarian absolute power ways, and it looks like the X-Men are helping. The Cuckoos debrief Frenzy and drop her into the war zone to keep the locals suppressed and without guns to fill the power vacuum until Phoenix/Cyclops is done. A confusing set-up but a cool potential story where Frenzy confronts her past, her true ruthlessness and questions her motives.

Thas' all folks.

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