Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Week's Comics - 4/11/12

Despite last week's "optic blast heard round the world" which started the juvenile and enjoyable Avengers vs. X-Men, this week we only see one superhero comic that ties into that heavily marketed war. That would be New Avengers #24, which shall be interesting if only to see what side Wolverine chooses to fight for (my money's on his X-family) but not interesting enough to be Pick of the Week.

Nor is the Pick of the Week the newest Buffy comic, continuing last month's revelation that the Buffy we've been following all season is actually a robot, which swept away the previous' month's revelation that Buffy(bot) was pregnant and going to get that lil' slayer aborted but fast. A) it all feels gimmicky and fake, two adjectives never used when describing a good Buffy episode and B) it's just not written that well. I'm not sure if it's the trying-too-hard dialogue or the pace, but despite the improvement over Season 8, Buffy has yet to convincingly translate to comics. So instead, we have a Pick of the Week that is the most skillful comic being published, and that I wish would translate into new mediums (I want to read all the Tommy Taylor novels.)

Read on for the rest of the Pull list.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #8:  See Above. Also, prepare for some vengeful slayer Simone action, which could be fun despite being a boring character who should be teeing off with Faith, and some necessary robot introspection. Also, Andrew.

The Unwritten #36:  It is the aftermath of the War of Words, and nothing will be the same. Really. The shockwaves spread far and wide, leaving no reality, no fiction, alone. What does this mean for Tommy? Is Lizzie really gone? Gonna re-read #35 right before for maximum effect.


Fantastic Four #605:  I said I'd stop buying this after the whole Forever/Doom Saves Stuff stories are done, cause they were so lame, but it's a light week and this cover is so pretty, plus it implies guest stars and a futurific What If? kinda storyline.

New Avengers #24:  Captain America calls in his B-team to join the fight against the X-Men, wherein they will probably get their butts kicked, which is what they are good at. Meanwhile Wolverine must pick a side.

Secret Avengers #25:  The final chapter of the arc that sees Deathlok Legion, the Super Adapatoids, Doombots, and several other brilliant non-spotlight villainous technologies banding together to kill the Avengers, and breed a new super race. And, again, a Secret Avenger dies (Ant-Man survived the last death it seems.) The last regular team issue before it gets pulled into AvX.

Uncanny X-Men #10:  Another final pre-AvX book, which sees the last friendly team-up between the two superhero teams, as they both struggle to continue the breakout from S.W.O.R.D. Few things are scarier than a villain like Unit let loose on the Earth.


Despite not being Pick of the Week (which has a spectacular cover,) Uncanny X-Men #10 is my favorite cover of the week. It reminds me of the Uncanny X-Men covers I used to see as a kid and wish I had, and I love it terribly.

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