Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Round-Up

Space warriors, mutant thieves, Slayers vs. Spies, geek Messiah writer/Directors, and Timelords. Hit the jump for an informative and entertaining news/link roundup.

Guardians of the Galaxy:  Kevin Feige, the man behind Marvel's cinematic success, has confirmed the existence of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie project. Hard as it is to believe, the Marvel movie brains are cooking up a next wave of character and team movies, feauturing characters less familiar with the spotlight (other projects mention include Ant-Man, The Inhumans and Dr. Strange.) As incredible as this would be to see, especially considering the helpful documentary type style that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning wrote the comic in, I'm more hopeful that a resurgence of interest will lead to more DnA comics. And one also has to wonder, as the debut of The Avengers draws near, whether Joss himself has dropped any cosmic hints or connections, seeing as how Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be fighting some real-life aliens, and it's hard to have a Cosmic Cube without having Thanos. Alternate Working Title: Ass-Kickers of the Fantastic.

Buffy vs. Black Widow:  After the recently released kickass clip of Black Widow interrogating and destroying a group of villains while tied to a chair (it's enough to make me like ScarJo) Joss was kind enough to answer a devoted fan/interviewers geeky question of who would win in a fight, Buffy or Natasha Romanova. The answer's fairly obvious to all with brains and a heart (Buffy) but the blow-by-blow shows us not only a ridiculously amazing potential crossover, but that once again Joss is as much of a dork as the rest of us. Only with a sharper skill set and a bigger budget.

Catching Fire:  With Gary Ross bowing out of the sequel, no great loss considering he vomited all over the Hunger Games source material with his epileptic cinematography, many Joss-obsessed (yes, I know I have a problem) internet fans turned to him and his occasional partner Drew Goddard, especially with the recent premiere and glowing reviews of their movie Cabin in the Woods. Both delicately bowed out. I too wouldn't want them to jump on to this mismanaged franchise, though any director/writers change would be a benefit, but I only wish they both hadn't felt obligated to say how much they loved Ross' work. I mean, they actually know how to film a movie, so they must be lying, right? Also, Joss heading back to purely original work? Yes please.

Gambit:  At C2E2 it was announced that the Ragin' Cajun will be getting his own solo title, once again. Previous attempts in the '90s (which I remember well and enjoyed) and the early 2000s (which I remember less well and disliked) beg the question Why? to which writer James Asmus, rising Marvel star, explains the focus of the book:  "#1 that he's sexy, and #2 that he's the preeminent bad-ass thief of the Marvel Universe." Asmus also mentioned the loss of his costume "head sock." So prepare for less New Orleans Thieves Guild minutae, and more big-time heists around the Marvel U. Featuring the amazing art of Clay Mann, whom I have loved since getting to know him in X-Men: Legacy, where he got a good handle on Remy LeBeau.

In other news, I am steadily making my way through the entire Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian, an annual tradition, looking forward for Missing to return to the quality of its first two episodes, feeling that Community has never been so good, and steeling myself for another attempt at the second season of the British TV show Sherlock, despite the presence of the high-pitched perverted Moriarty. Oh, and I refrained from stalking Central Park this past week despite the filming of Doctor Who, and presumably the final scenes for Amy and Rory Pond. All that Behind the Scenes stuff takes some of the magic away for me. Still, it's rather cool to see them by the Bridge and near my home--I can't tell you how many times I sat on the roof looking up for the TARDIS. Happy Monday everyone.

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