Friday, April 20, 2012

Comic Previews

Happy Friday! Like most Fridays, this one brings us a slew of Marvel previews for comics coming out next week, posted around the internet but conveniently in one place on CBR. So this is me getting up early in the morning, reading them, downloading them, and re-posting whichever ones will undoubtedly make next week's Pull List.

Some things to look forward to: The first issue of AvX Vs., the comic solely devoted to the one-on-one fights. Namor pontificating about why he admires Scott Summers. Danny Rand becoming a Phoenix host, or else just its newest biographer. And Beast being nostalgic for the bad old times, while Valkyrie seems to abandon her feminist principles after one gallon of mead and act coquettish and seductive around Thor. Should be fun.

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