Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Captain Mal Meets Tony Stark: A Sign of Things To Come?

I haven't been watching Castle for a couple seasons now, though my love for Nathan Fillion continues undiluted. However today, thanks to Whedonesque, I found this clip that supposedly aired after last night's Castle episode:

Aside from being just plain super cool and funny, it begs the question: What on Earth is Robert Downey Jr. doing with Nathan Fillion? Aside from the Joss connection, why would he go to ABC and Castle to help promote The Avengers? Doubtless you and the internet will speculate a'plenty, but here's my theory.

As most people know, after The Avengers' exclusive movie premiere last week, several if not all members of the cast re-formed to shoot an extra scene. Apparently the film already bore the trademark Marvel bonus-scene-during-the-credits, yet this could well have been the elongated final scene at the end of the credits.

Bearing that in mind, and the sudden proximity of Nathan Fillion to the debatable star of The Avengers, it seems to me that all the many years of rumors (some egged on by Joss himself at SDCC last year) and fervent fan prayers have come true: Nathan Fillion is Ant-Man!! And he will be introduced to the team after their first cinematic adventure.

Lending some credence to this theory are the recent remarks of Marvel Film Master Kevin Feige, who spoke about the long discussed Ant-Man film project saying "...we are now closer than we've ever been." as well as a tweet from Edgar Wright, the projected co-writer and director of the movie that went as follows: "Was just back behind the camera for the first time in nearly two years. Can't say on what, but it was cool..."

Obviously there's no certainty here, and doubtless there are currents of cross-promotion I know nothing about that would explain the Downey Jr. promo, but still this seems to be the most definitive grouping of evidence to back up the Captain Tightpants is Ant Man theory ever. And O, what a wonderful development that would be.

All that remains, after the inevitable announcement sometime this summer, is the casting of Morena Baccarin as the Wasp, who, as you will recall, did her research and lobbied hard for the part.

God Bless Joss and his occasionally delightful nepotism.

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