Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Week's Comics - 4/4/12

Yes I've been out of it, apologies but civic duty takes a lot out of a Captain. Besides, I'm sure if there was some huge news we'd all already know about it. Far more important however, the event hundreds of days in the making, the epic clash of heroes (tagline: Heroes. Will. Clash.) the morally grey conflict that divides a noble community, begins today. In earnest. Hopefully.

And I, for one, am ridiculously excited. Thats why Avengers vs. X-Men #1 is the Pick of the Week (pretty obvious choice, sure, but Daredevil was a close second.)

Check out the full, not very long, exclusively Marvel pull list after the jump.


Avengers Academey #28:  The crossover with the Runaways continues/concludes. I haven't seen the Runaways in years, ever since our lord and master Joss Whedon wrote a truly abominable arc for them. This 2 or 3 parter has been pretty decent, though I haven't really enjoyed Academy the same way I did pre-West Coast move, and in fact pre-Fear Itself war. I suppose I miss the original group, and the contrast of the new team against an old teen favorite like the Runaways only makes that clearer. But seriously, there must be a better mission statement for them than "all adults are evil and ill-informed" with the adults consistently proving them right.

Avengers vs. X-Men #1:  I'm interested to see how the prelude had anything to do with this event, despite showing us a pissed off and fairly-in-the-know Hope. How will Wanda factor in? What are Scott and Cyclops pointing at as they have words on the beach? How quickly does the fighting start and get serious? Is it gonna come out often, cause I'm already hungry for the second one, or at least some action-packed Vs. action. Bendis should be solid, and few things are more pleasing than Romita pencils. This is gonna be good.

Daredevil #10.1:  I don't even know what it's about exactly, but I do know that Mark Waid is perhaps the best comic writer working today, that the artists for this serious are flawless and original and refreshing, and that Matt Murdock, our happy, fearless (though it turns out if he actually saw half the things he got himself into, he wouldn't be so succesfull. Brilliant) hero is showing some cracks in the ol' psychological/sanity armor. And the megacrime syndicates are still out there. And a mini-Marvel crossover event is apparently going to start soon, triggered by hornhead's action. So we got universe-level cosmic threats and two super hero franchises clashing in AvX, and then we've got the street-level, NYC crime and heroes crossover. Let's hope it's better than Shadowland (not a hard feat.)

New Mutants #40:  A suprisingly good arc. Heading back to Paradise to confront Doug's unfinished business about getting murdered there years ago, a virus has broken out. Reading Warlock attempt to lead the team while his inner monologue dissected the difficulties of leadership, was pure pleasure. DnA have a hand on Warlock the way they did when he was in Nova, and the way Zeb Wells nailed Doug back in his New Mutants/Necrosha run. With the other team a step away from death, Doug and Warlock combine forces to face the resurrected/ressuructing Ani-Mator and return the confusing 90s entity but possible fan favorite DouglockTM! Expect a brutal fight, with emotional barbs, and some savvy smart wise trickery to win the day.

Wolverine & The X-Men #8:  Billed as featuring the most savage fight ever, between the Beast and Sabretooth. One can assume the students' lives are on the line, again. Also Angel, that is Warren Worthington III an original X-Man now wiped entirely of his memories and alternate scary devil persona, goes off on some mission to help Wolverine. Who, last I heard, was on a planet gambling for the school budget. Or in NYC with a field team of X-Men. Or with the Avengers. Or fighting Cable. Ok ok he's overused, so how about we get some more quality Kitty and Rachel time? Sure Kid Gladiator's good for a life, and this title has been surprisingly enjoyable, but I want more more more. At least #9 will no doubt tie into AvX.

All right boys and girls, enjoy your comics. And remember: if something catches your eye in the store, be it trade paperback, action figure, or awesome key-chain, just go for it.

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