Thursday, August 20, 2009

Limbaugh's Family Guy Taping Session

Yesterday on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush talked for a whole segment about the experience at the Family Guy studio when he 'laid down his tracks' on Tuesday (while the absolutely fantastic Mark Steyn filled in.)

Big Hollywood was kind enough to provide the transcript (I'm too poor to be a Rush 24/7 member, and I was driving while listening yesterday) of that part of the show, and I thought I'd post it here.

-A lot of you people been e-mailing me, “How dare you? Why would you capitulate, why would you go on a show that makes so much fun of conservatives? Why would you do this?” ‘Cause it’s a cartoon show and because they asked me and I had script approval, and some of the things in this script are — I had to do four or five takes on one line ’cause I kept cracking up in the middle of it… Brian, the dog, that becomes a Rush groupie, I’m doing my radio show, like now, I’m sitting at the microphone, and I’m talking about Pelosi, and I said, “What can we do to stop the Pelosi agenda?” And Brian says, “You’re going soft!” I said, “What are talking about going soft?” “I know what to do to stop Pelosi! You know, the problem is you just tell everybody she’s on crack.” And I said, “Brian, look, I know she’s on crack, but you can’t just say it that way, it’s not going to persuade anybody. And then he says, “I got a better idea to shut her up,” and that’s what I can’t tell you, you’ll just have to wait and hear it.

-Now, The Family Guy, as everybody knows, is staffed pretty much by liberals. So I walk in and the first guy that comes up to me whispers, “Hey, I’m your biggest fan here. I’m the only one. I’m a conservative and I’m really glad to see you, it’s a thrill to meet you…

On the way out another guy comes up, “I’m the only conservative in the building and I just wanted to say hi, and I wanted to see you before you left.” And I said, “No, no, no, no, there’s another. There are actually two of you.” “There are?” I didn’t tell him who, I didn’t identify him, his secret is safe with me.

-I thought this episode was going to start out this season, it would be the premiere episode this season. It’s not. It’s the premiere episode in September of 2010.

-I want to thank Seth MacFarlane and his people for giving me the invitation and opportunity to appear on it and throwing such a great time yesterday.

Pretty surprised by the length of time it takes them to put together an episode (over a year) as well as the amount of employees the show has (about 500). Never thought so much manpower and effort went into it...thought it was easier than live action, especially cause Seth does a few of the voices himself.

But what DIDN'T surprise me was how well they got along. Rush is a funny guy, humble yet confident despite the easy accusation of arrogance, and certainly class act enough to pull of a popular liberal-minded cartoon. When they took pictures of him for the animators, they exclaimed that they couldn't make fat jokes anymore (he's lost like 80lbs or something nuts) but still asked him for a sideways profile shot. He obliged, and then bent over and grabbed his ankles, just in case they wanted to draw his butt too. That's definitely the kind of thing that'll make Seth MacFarlane guffaw.

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