Friday, August 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh to do Family Guy

At least that's what reports are saying. Not sure I believe it.

Apparently Brian (the dog) gets tired of being a liberal, decides to try something different (which is also creator Seth MacFarlane's explanation.) He starts listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio (who supposedly sings) and Karl Rove also enters the picture.

I'm not very squeamish at all when it comes to humor, or gore, or sex, or anything for that matter (product of my generation?) but many times I've found Family Guy decidedly disgusting. There are certainly things that make me laugh (usually Stewie) but mostly I see formulaic writing without much merit, just shock value (and that tendency to, every episode, use a super extended awkward pause to try and get a laugh...which just ends up seeming like a 5minute content filler.)

Still, it's one of Fox's highest rated shows (right?) so I can see Rush not backing down from the offer and taking advantage of the huge, young audience. 'Course, Rush has more listeners than any show or movie has viewers, but I bet after the episode there will be an upsurge of college kids tuning into the EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) network. Too bad The Goode Family got cancelled, he could have given them a ratings boost.

Either way, now I've got something to call in and ask about at noon today. It's Open-Line-Friday folks, and he's gotta talk about whatever we want (I just have to get through Snerdly.)

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  1. We have to admit the program is unfit for kids, owing to the fact the vocabulary is so vulgar, however they actions of the characters make me laugh as anything in this world.
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