Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad Men Returns Tonight

The hit show beloved by everyone from Michael Savage and Debbie Schlussel, to any and all anonymous writers, premieres its' third season tonight on AMC. The new episode is titled "Out of Town."

When last we saw the Ad men (and women) of Sterling Cooper and their families, the firm had been bought out, Peggy dropped some baby truth on Pete in her new corner office, Joan got raped in Don Draper's office by her doctor fiance, Betty got it on with some guy in a bar, and then came home to her shaky marriage with Don to confront their third pregnancy.

It's hard to believe when you watch the show that so much happens. Generally I'm content enjoying the outfits, the smoke, the sets, their voices (Don's voice, really) and waiting eagerly to see Peggy smack-down some male dominated paradigms.

Suffice to say, it seems to be getting better, and as we go deeper into the '60s, the size and fury of societal change is going to be hard to ignore. Makes for some interesting television.

Also on tonight, Defying Gravity, the new ABC science/fiction space drama show, with a premise eerily similar to Ron Moore's earlier summer flop on SyFy, Virtuality. The effects are sweet, the story is kind of slow, but the lovely Laura Harris (of Dead Like Me and Women's Murder Club) makes up for it, at least in my book.

And if you've been smoking crystal meth for the past 22 hours, be sure to catch True Blood on HBO, where I'm sure some women will be beaten, some sex will be had, some orgies will be forgotten and some hearts will be cut out and eaten in a souffle. You'll love it.

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