Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Pump Action Blast to my Heart

I'm not particularly fond of Eliza Dushku. I rather grew to love Faith, and thus I followed her, watching her crappy horror movies and thrillers, all the way to Dollhouse, which was what decided me against her (and temporarily against my hero himself, Joss.)

So when I heard she was lending her voice to a video game, I figured it was more of the same lame. But the trailer's been released and, whether or not it teases what the game actually is, it's certainly different. Take a look.

Pretty fun. Though I really don't understand the enormous popularity of musicals. The Buffy one was fantastic, but Doctor Horrible was barely watchable, and it seems everyone's taking the idea to heart, as if it were original.

Regardless, let's keep Eliza in the role of a hardened kick-ass. She can pull it off, and really, that's about the extent of her range.

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