Tuesday, August 18, 2009

November Comic Solicitations

Love when these come out. DC and Marvel both preview comics and storylines that are a few months away. Not only is it a tasty cover treat, but you get some hints about how current stories are resolved and what comes next (for instance, Emma is back in white and on the team, duh, and Namor seems to be sticking around. Also Magneto is back, and Matt Fraction hasn't been fired for some reason.)

Find X-solicits here at Comic Book Resources, and DC ones here (at the same fantastic and helpful site...got any jobs left CBR?)

The DC ones look better (they're really pulling ahead these days, and not just cause of Blackest Night...not that I'm not into BN, but it feels like it's gonna go on forever, in an anticlimactic sort of way) so I've included a few covers I found most interesting.

Blackest Night #5 is noteworthy, not because we find out who's in charge of the Black Lanterns ("Nekron"? Really?) but because we see what the main cast of characters is (most likely) at this point in the series. (Huzzah for Connor and Bart!) It seems the characters who have died and returned are what scares Nekron and William Hand. But I guess we got that already with the brutal murders of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Hopefully Justice League of America will be less sucky come November, and this Blackest Night tie-in has promise. Dr. Light (the hero, scientist, and hard-ass chick) versus the resurrected (kinda) Dr. Light (villain, psycho). It's not just their name-battle I wanna see, it's what Kimiyo Hoshi would do to a rapist. Should be sweet.

And finally, despite having a Blackest Night: Titans miniseries, Titans itself is having another tie-in. I've never felt fully invested in Roy/Red Arrow, but the nice thing about him was his love for his daughter, born from him and a genocidal, now-dead villain named Cheshire. Of course, the dead will rise, or are rising, etc. etc. and some domestic turmoil is bound to ensue. (It's a good thing little Lian knows how to use a bow and arrow already.)

Enjoy. When it comes to comics, sometimes the anticipation and speculation is better than the real thing. (Anyone else ever get a post-Wednesday depression slump? Maybe I read them too fast. Or maybe they don't write them well enough....Mr. Fraction.)

So check out comicbookresources as often as you dare. I always find good stuff there.

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