Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whedonverse Round-Up

It seems alum of the Whedonverse are everywhere these days, working with old friends, doing their own projects, and welcoming new stars into the cushy fold of "I once worked with Joss Whedon, and now I always have a job."

First up is James Marsters (Spike) who I last saw doing Torchwood, the Doctor Who spinoff across the pond, and making out with John Barrowman (totally worth watching.) Reports say that he's been signed on to play an important terrorist character in Jane Espenson's Caprica, in its turn a prequel of sorts to Battlestar Galactica. Jane wrote for James for years on Buffy and is either adding a little starpower to the show, doing her buddy a solid, or really sick of the whole casting process. From what I can tell of Caprica, they don't really need any more terrorists, but hey. Marsters is to play a guy named Barnabus Greeley, so that should be fun.

Gina Torres, the intimidating Zoe from Firefly and Serenity, and Jasmine, the eerily splendid God that saved the fourth season of Angel (in more ways than one), is apparently guest starring on Gossip Girl. She will be playing Vanessa's mother, some opinionated Vermontian who actually cares about her daughter. That's the second Whedon alum to be in Gossip Girl, the first being Michelle Trachtenberg as a super-bitch (so, not Dawn at all...right?) I've always been fond of Torres, and I only just learned she's married to Lawrence Fishburne.

Emma Caulfield, the hilarious and pitch perfect Anya from Buffy, has created her own webcomic called Contropussy. Seems to be generating quite a bit of buzz. She's also been doing a bunch of movies, including the indie TiMER which I'd like to see.

A warm welcome to the whedonverse to Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica, Horatio Hornblower), a longtime favorite of mine, who is guest-starring in the season premiere of Dollhouse. In it, he marries Echo, or whoever Echo is that episode, while she investigates him for some kind of wrongdoing. Might not be the best career move, but I like the idea of him and Joss becoming friends. Who knows what could happen?

Other than those more recent news, the Buffy season 8 comic plods on, production wraps on Joss' new horror film Cabin in the Woods, Sarah Michelle Gellar screens her pilot of The Wonderful Maladys to HBO execs and prepares for labor, and David Boreanaz admits a fear of roosters. Also, the wonderful Nathan Fillion, who's excellent show Castle begins its' second season soon, visited Chicago Comic-Con and personally admired a Serenity replica made by a fan:

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