Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

While this Captain was born a Jew, he is often confused for a gentile.

And he's alright with that. Christ set a lot of good things in motion. So, yknow, thanks Baby J. And Happy Birthday.

This fine Friday work-less morning I am pleasantly surprised to find a number of Brooklyn businesses open. Currently I'm nursing a hot chocolate at a Connecticut Muffin and stealing their wireless to download things without a trace of shame. The typical Jew Christmas, apparently, involves Chinese Food and a movie. I have yet to find the best Chinese place in my new neighborhood, but I've got the watching things down to an art form.

Which brings me to my disappointment this morning when I realized the Doctor Who Christmas special 'The End Of Time" wasn't airing until tomorrow. What bollocks! If that's the way it's gonna be, call it a friggin Day-After-Christmas special. Here I thought the Brits were all anti-torture. But this was a cruel blow. I was already setting my clock to London time so as to anticipate the availability of the torrent.

But, hey, it's just another 24 hours, and waiting for Doctor Who to air is usually a matter of months. I'll get through it with my new British series--Misfits. A group of dysfunctional British teens who are all stuck doing court-mandated community service get stuck in a freak lightning storm and develop superpowers. The powers are fairly unoriginal--telepathy, time control, invisibility, pheromone control--but the characters are fresh and it's pretty well made so far (only seen the first two, but eager for the rest.)

I'm also revisiting a little Dollhouse, namely the unaired eps: Epitaph One and the original pilot (which I've never seen) in honor of its impending demise. I have to admit its really stepped up the quality, and as long as they don't have Eliza Dushku miming a head-ache ever ever ever ever ever again (watch The Alphabet Killer for a great example of her inability to act head pain) I think the last couple episodes will be fantastic (especially if Amy Acker comes back, as Epitaph One pretty much promised).

Regardless, the lack of new tv this past week or two is a bit annoying when you suddenly have a three day weekend and want to do a whole lot of nothing, but I've been rather good at wasting time in the past, so I just need to tap into those old habits.

Hope everyone has a beautiful and safe and fun holiday. Talk to you later this weekend about Doctor Who. :-)

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