Monday, March 30, 2009

R.I.P. Andy Hallett

Lorne, "The Host" from Angel, died at age 33 last night of heart failure.

An empathic demon from an alternate universe, Plrtz Grlb, in which music doesn't exist, he discovered the joy of disco and song and humanity, and settled in LA, bringing humor, compassion and some prophecy to Angel Investigations.

His work will be remembered, as will the tragedy of his short life.

Lorne: Here's the thing, Eve: You're going to sing for me, and I'm going to read you right now. And here's one more thing: Winifred Burkle once told me after a sinful amount of Chinese food, and in lieu of absolutely nothing, "I think a lot of people would choose to be green. Your shade, if they had the choice." If I hear one note —- one quarter-note —- that tells me you had any involvement, these two won't even have time to kill you.

Oh and anything by Diane Warren will also result in your death... Well, except "Rhythm of the Night".

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