Monday, March 2, 2009

Batman R.I.P.

by Captain Elias

Batman, 1939-2009

GOTHAM CITY (LM) — Batman, the longtime protector of Gotham City and member of the Justice League of America, died last month from grievous wounds inflicted by the evil God Darkseid. His exploits have been documented since May 1939, but his true age was unknown.

...A man dressed up as a bat, the legend's early career was marked by a substantial drop in gun-related crimes, tentative team-ups with other heroes (most notably Superman, with whom he developed a strong bond of trust and respect) and a rise in the ranks of costumed villains whose consistent defeats were inversely proportional to their repeated attempts and the advent of new, increasingly bizarre outfitted reprobates.

...Marked by his uncanny ability to "pull victory out of the jaws of defeat", Batman never accepted failure. A true symbol of America, Batman represented the limitless nature of self-determination, man's ingenious capacity for invention, the clear values of a traditional morality, and the unparalleled defense of innocence. With his own two hands and little regard for his own health, he saved thousands of lives and took dozens of bullets, knives, contusions and poisons. Without him this world is a substantially grimmer place, and the disbelieving citizens of Gotham look to a newly matured Robin to fill his shoes, or else succumb to the natural entropy that defines their city."

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  1. Hello Capt'n,
    I found your piece at Lost magazine before I even opened your page. What a surprise! LOST is my favorite site, intellectual, fascinating and a great mix. (My fav: "Lost last month"). I'm so glad you are spreading your superhero's wings.
    Happy soaring!

  2. The Kirin book reads very well! Do we have it at home?


  3. they really drew a pieta` with Robin as the virgin mary?