Saturday, February 28, 2009


Mark Steyn's newest:

"The superheroes I always found hard to keep track of were the ones who kept relaunching themselves. I mean, Batman’s been Batman for 70 years and Spider-Man’s been Spider-Man for the best part of 50. But I’m thinking of chaps like Ant-Man. Very small, as one might expect. Then he became Giant-Man. Then he became Yellowjacket (his girlfriend was the Wasp). Then he became Goliath. I’ve lost track of him since then. But, thanks to my usual 20-second exhaustive research, I see he was relaunched only a month ago, this time as the Wasp. Hang on, I thought the Wasp was his chick? Has he had a sex-change? Hey, why not? For a while he was both Giant-Man and Yellowjacket, playing a kind of schizoid double-hero with each superpower emphasizing a different side of his identity."

He continues the comic theme throughout, further proving himself as one of my all time favorites.

But just for his edification, the original Wasp, Ant-Man's off-again on-again love interest, was killed in the recent climactic battle with the invading Skrull armies. Thus Ant-Man's new codename is a tribute of sorts to her. Also there's some guilt involved, because once, years ago, he flipped out and beat her up a little...not in a superhero battle way, but a domestic abuse Buffalo beheading kind of way. Then later he made a female cyborg (comes with boobs, don't know about south of the border) based on her, with her personality, named Jocasta, with whom he's currently engaged in some kind of master/slave, robot/human relationship. It's a bit weird.

Still, it's a good lead-in for some solid Rule 5 blogging, Superhero edition, starting with the Wasp and then getting better. Not too orthodox, but I'll try and get to Christina Hendricks and nonfictional hotties later.

You're reloading Robert Stacy McCain every few hours, aren't you? Conservatives Assemble!

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  1. Wasn't Jocasta mother of Oedipus? Any significance there?
    Agree: Steyn is the best!