Saturday, February 21, 2009

Six Degrees of Reparation

1. Iraqi Parliamentarians, led by Mohammed Naji Mohammed, plan to sue Israel for billions of dollars in reparations over an Israeli air strike on a Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. Their basis for the case is a League of Nations--er, United Nations Security Council Resolution condemning the Israeli attacks, which indisputably delayed Saddam Hussein's production of nuclear weapons.

While Mr. Mohammed Mohammed continues the legislative process to get billions from Israelis, France has decided that holocaust survivors and descendants have been compensated plenty for the French government's deportation of Jews during the Second World War.

2. The Council of State in France recently acknowledged responsibility in the arrest and deportation of 75,000 Jews by French police, who were then sent to Nazi death camps. Few survived. In the same ruling that confessed the guilt of the collaborationist Vichy regime, the court said “The different measures taken since the end of the Second World War have made reparation as much as possible." So take it somewhere else, Jew.

The ruling reflects a rise in anti-semitic behavior in Europe following the recent Israel-Gaza ass kicking.

3. In London, Justin Butcher and a group of likeminded artists are putting on a play in the Theatro Technis called "Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea." The 80 minute piece is a series of vignettes illustrating the horror done to innocents by the Israeli army, including the listing of 49 Gazans who died after they were supposedly moved to a safe house by the duplicitous invaders. In a sign of their bipartisan support for the play, one of Butcher's donors was the group Jews for Justice in Palestine.

The term "go to Gaza" is an Arabic slang phrase meaning "go to Hell", which reflects the violence done by Israel and the current conditions in Gaza.

4. The Irish Times bravely reports on the horrors endured by the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli Army, including this message left on the wall of a countryside house by an Israeli soldier: "Have you ever wondered what Hell looked like? Well...look around you bitch. Ha Ha Ha. " After complimenting the soldier's penmanship, the intrepid reporter goes on to relay Palestinian confusion as to why Europe does not demand reparations from Israel for the destruction of EU-funded buildings (that their 'so-called-terrorists' were hiding in.)

The anti-Israel sentiment continues across the pond in Hollywood, whose biggest night of the year tepidly approaches.

5. "As an Israeli, I don't know what Hamas really wants. I can't believe most people in Gaza really want Israel to be destroyed. I like to think they just want to live a normal life with human rights and social security." So says Ari Folman, the writer and director of the Oscar nominated anti-war anti-Israeli film Waltz with Bashir. He will be in illustrious company tomorrow, as The Reader, which portrays a sympathetic ex-Nazi and the vindictive Jews who testify against her, is also up for an award.

Among the conservative movies nominated is....well, there's none. Other than Taken the only other conservative film to be released this last year was An American Carol, which starred Geoffrey Arrend in the role of Mohammed.

6. Geoffrey Arrend is also known as the lucky bastard engaged to one Christina Hendricks.

And who can mention Christina Hendricks these days without mentioning Robert Stacy McCain, who's also kinda hot, and rather brilliant.

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