Saturday, February 21, 2009

Andy Roddick Is Related To Me

Well, not really, but there's a DirecTv customer service representative out there who thinks so. (I was calling to try and finagle some free tennis channels.)

Even better than watching live tennis is hearing that at least one famous player stood up on behalf of his Jewish colleagues. Andy Roddick has pulled out of the Dubai Tennis Championships, a title he won last year, after officials denied Israeli Shahar Pe'er entry into the women's tournament by the United Arab Emirates.

The practice is common when it comes to Israeli players, a truth that they attempt to obfuscate by granting a visa to Andy Ram, an Israeli men's doubles player and this year's token Jew.

I used to think Roddick was kind of a douche, but it turns out he's one of the decent ones. And whad'ya know, he's from America. (Omaha to be precise.)

For more on the anti-semitism in tennis, read Debbie Schlussel tear pretty much everyone a new one. She's as cathartic as ever.

The first pic's for being honorable. The second's for my site hits. (Kind of a Christina- Hendricks-alternate, for those of us immune to the hourglass.)

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