Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Have No Opinion On That

Gordon Duguid, the acting Deputy spokesperson of the State Department, fielded some questions this past week about Hugo Chavez's new president-for-life status. He sounds like a retard and embodies the pushover, enabling foreign policies that Obama and Hillary Clinton have adopted (no sanctions for Syria, Durban II, human rights in China, etc. etc.).

QUESTION: Do you have reaction to the result of the referendum, the fact that Chavez has won and now he can stay in power almost indefinitely?

MR. DUGUID: Well, it’s my understanding that the referendum took place in a fully democratic process, that there were – although there were some troubling reports of intimidation of opponents, for the most part, this was a process that was fully consistent with democratic practice. However, democratic practice also requires that the government govern well and govern in the interest of all of the people of the diverse interests that are present in Venezuela.

QUESTION: But what about the result of the --

MR. DUGUID: It was a matter for the Venezuelan people. And as I said, the process was held consistent with democratic principles. Therefore, we have always sought to have a positive relationship with Venezuela. We will continue to seek to maintain a positive relationship with Venezuela. But their democratic processes need to be taken into account on our part. But also on our part, we look for governments who have achieved a positive democratic result to use that in a positive manner.

QUESTION: Do you think it’s healthy to be able to be reelected indefinitely?

MR. DUGUID: I don’t have an opinion on the democratic practices of Venezuela. In the United States, we have term limits, but that’s our practice.

No opinion at all Mr. Duguid? Perhaps you should swap jobs with a journalist and reverse the unnatural order of things. By the way, democracy is not inherently foolproof (as proven by many fools past and present) and even Hitler was elected democratically...or at least obtained the Chancellorship constitutionally.

The benign language of his responses implies yet another attempt by the Obama administration to "reach out" to regimes that Big Bad Bush previously condemned. Or maybe they are just laying the groundwork for Obama's own planned attempts at exceeding the term limits, a la FDR.

I'm gonna go ahead and compare Mr. Duguid to Druig of Marvel's The Eternals, not only because they have similar names but because of a shared belief in superiority, mind-control and mostly the profound lack of any moral fiber. Also it's fun.

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