Thursday, February 19, 2009

(The New New) X-Factor

I will respect Peter David's expressly stated wishes and avoid blogging about the latest X-Factor issue for another week or two...but he can't stop me from blogging about what I would have blogged about.

Which is to say, these title has been getting much better. The dialogue is natural, the team makes sense, and the cliffhangers are completely original. This entire book is very unique in the X-world, and is certainly more thought provoking and worth the money than, say, X-Force or Young X-Men.

I'm not sure about its' future, but seeing as there aren't any humongous X-crossovers in the coming weeks, I assume it will continue to roll along and paint a clearer picture of post-M-day mutant life, without having to go to San Fransisco.

Also I'd like to see more of both Monet and Longshot, individually and as whatever couple they're becoming, particularly what with Dazzler's lame return to the main X-team. (Dazzler's back, Longshot's back, Rogue is hangin' out in their old Australian home...I'm just waiting for an English Betsy Braddock and Jubilee to return in time for a throw-down with the Reavers.)


  1. What are the Reavers in respect to X universe? That word makes my blood run cold because I always associate it with Firefly Reavers. And I don't ever want to think of those...

  2. They were those half-machine half-man cyborg army created by Pierce. They were the ones who originally lived in that Australian town, that Storm's 'underground' XMen attacked and cleared out and took over. (Remember that awesome Longshot christmas issue where they returned all the stolen reavers treasure?) They were that X-Men's main enemy, along with the Maruaders.