Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wayne Enterprises, Minus the Wayne

In this (temporary) world without a Batman, the various corresponding titles are busy explaining the way the heroes fill in the rather large hole left by Bruce's absence. Robin's stepping up as a solo hero, Nightwing is back in Gotham and networking with Batgirl, and Alfred has taken command of the Outsiders with a mysterious guerrilla agenda.

But they have yet to explain, unless I missed it, how the world is dealing with yet another extended absence from billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Now I image they're used to him 'taking off for the Caribbean' and being out of touch and flaky, but if he's been gone long enough to activate that weird bullet shaped message system for Alfred and the boys, hasn't he been MIA long enough to pique Lucius Fox's interest?

Whether or not Lucius needs him to sign anything, once Bruce doesn't materialize, what is the future of Wayne Industries, and thus the entire Wayne fortune that Dick, Tim and Alfred rely upon?

What is Wayne Enterprises doing in this time of crisis? I'd like to think Lucius Fox has stood his ground and refused to take any government bailout money, but how long till the board forces him too? How long till Lex Luthor tries to take over and get revenge for their No Man's Land trickery?

Does Alfred or Tim take care of the financial/legal matters now? I'm pretty sure they haven't officially announced Bruce's death, and certainly not Batman's, so how long will they pull the ol' Buffy-Bot scenario before the Barney Franks and Rutger Hauers start moving in on the Wayne wealth?

Awaiting fiscal enlightenment. And wondering if Bruce ever invested in gold bullion.

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