Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night Fights

Tonight's Sci/Fi lineup pits the second episode of Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse against the 6th-to-last-ever hour of Battlestar Galactica.

Whedon is at a disadvantage with his Friday night slot, as his early attempts at seducing us with a brand new 'verse must contend with the density, poetry, and kickass action of a show we already have so much invested in. The average viewer doesn't even receive a palate cleanse, as hour follows hour, and "Previously on..." jumps all over "Next week on..."

Still, don't imagine I am counting Mr. Whedon out. (Mr. Midshipman Elias would consider even the possibility sacrilege, but I've matured.) He is a TV writer, in blood as well as style, and has some serious hang-ups about his pilots. Buffy took two hours to say hello (she had me at "ugh"), and the first Firefly we saw was actually episode three, bumped by the studio execs in place of another two-hour pilot. (And that first glimpse had me as similarly unsold as Dollhouse.) Look how those worked out.

Not to mention it easily overshadows Terminator: The Sarah Connor Book Club, if only by having something happen during its allotted 42minutes.

For those of you who go to sleep at 9pm on Fridays and download it the next day, have pleasant commercial-free dreams.

And let the best gorram frakker win.

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