Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does Emma Frost have a bun in the oven??

In this week's Fantastic Four, Issue #569, the final pages feature the (failed) wedding of Ben Grimm aka The Thing to some woman named Deborah Green whom I've never heard of.

Not the point.

One of the frames shows the interior of the reform synagogue where the nuptials are to take place (huzzay for Jewperheroes) filled to its kosher gills with fellow heroes come to pay their respects. We've got Avengers, we've got Spidey, we've got Daredevil and the two She-Hulks (and a Colonel Sanders lookalike) and in the background, standing up, we've got the ever sombre Cyclops aka Scott Summers and his ravishing consort Emma Frost, The White (currently Black) Queen.

If you look super hard, as I always do when there are masses of guest-starring capes, you will unmistakably notice that Emma's got a bit of a baby bump, with her right hand resting comfortably upon it. (I have taken a shoddy picture with my camera to edify you, sorry for the quality. Buy yourself the issue if you care so much.)

Now, I suppose this could be an artistic little screw up, justified with some excuse like it's her long cape or whatever. However, this artist seems to me a stickler for details, and furthermore Emma Frost would never be caught dead in public in an outfit that could conceivably make her look pregnant.

The likelier, and far, far more juicier, possibility is that Emma and Scott are expecting, a momentous feat that Scott and Jean Grey never accomplished. Also consider these further hints: Peter David's X-Factor has been, and is currently, engaged in a lengthy storyline set years in the future involving Ruby Summers, the ruby-quartz-skinned-optic-blast-shooting daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost.

In addition, most solicits, interviews and official hints have pointed to a reckoning between Scott and Emma about their relationship and the large amount of secrets each keeps from the other. Naturally a pregnancy would fairly terrify Emma, whose true love for Scott was a hard enough pill for her to swallow, and defensively, what with her shaky morals, she could easily telepathically control everyone around her to see her figure as completely normal (aka superhot.

And there you have it folks, a most convincing case if I may say so myself. You heard it here first.

I can only imagine the level of Emma's anxiety, considering both that most of the children she's come to love have died painful deaths, and perhaps more importantly that she'll have to stop hitting the sauce (and we all know how she loves that high-end stuff.)

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