Sunday, July 26, 2009

Planetary Returns

It's been so long since the last issue was released I quite forgot that a final one was still in the works. For that matter, as I recall, the story had a fairly decent sort of closure. The Four were outmaneuvered and ended, the threatening other-world was out-threatened, and Elijah Snow was driving his miraculous space/timeship into The Bleed, with joy at the impending archeology.

Nonetheless, do not think me dismayed. Shocked perhaps, but in a very pleasant way. Planetary is one of the best comics ever in my opinion, certainly the best Warren Ellis stories I've ever read, and the art of John Cassady is the most beautiful, stirring, original art in the entire medium.

Not only is it wonderful story on its own, but it examines the entire mythos and trends of superhero comics, disregarding the differences in universes, and paying homage to that one big world that so many of us dearly love.

Here is the newly release stunning cover, with an older page sample posted on Ellis' blog way back in April:

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