Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday News Roundup: From Avengers to Fiona Apple

Check out Fiona's bangs (and new music), Michonne's adult origins, the archery skill levels of Katniss vs. Hawkeye, and more.

The Avengers Movie:  GeekDad savages Jeremy Renner's archery form in every promotional image released of Hawkeye. Professional, brutal, and weirdly pleasing--much as I'm no fan of ScarJo/BlackWidow, the casting of Renner made me want to fall into a coma. [io9]

Y: The Last Man:  A new script has been commissioned for this film adaptation of the popular comic book, to be written by a writing team with credits on Warehouse 13, Human Target, and Charlie's Angels. Hollywood has been trying to make this movie for years now, and this is the first positive-momentum news in a long time. Hopefully they're over the whole Shia LaBeouf casting idea. [ComicsAlliance]

The Walking Dead:  Apparently Michonne will be joining the TVshow soon, and in honor of the event, Robert Kirkman is releasing a 6-page origin story, showing how the lawyer-turned-ronin first reacted to the zombie outbreak. Oh, and it's being printed exclusively in Playboy. Classy Kirkman. [BleedingCool]

Ascenscion: This is a new British TV series, just announced, from the mind of eminent comic scribe Warren Ellis and starring recent Golden Globe winner Idris Elba. The premise deals with man's interaction with the stars (apparently) and Elba will play more than one role, including an astronomer in the future and the famous Imhotep from Ancient Egypt, chancellor to Pharaoh, priest, inventor, physician, architect, etc.  I recall him being referred to as a poet in Mika Waltari's The Egyptian, but I guess we can all agree the man was a scholar of sorts. Sounds like a pretty sweet show premise to me, if slightly resembling The Fountain. I just hope astronomer-Elba can still wear tweed. [Crave]

Hunger Games:  A new clip shows a scene between Pres. Snow and Seneca Crane, Head Gamesmaster, a scene never written in the book but since Collins had a hand in the screenplay, I'm not worried. I am, however, not watching the clip myself. Afraid of overdosing before next Friday, and don't want any unfortunate emotions tinging the experience. You can feel free to check them out though. [IGN] Oh and GeekDad/professional coach also reviewed Jennifer Laurence's archery skills as Katniss in the previews. Hint: She's far superior to Jeremy. [Wired]

Comics:  Check out the weekly Marvel previews released online. Uncanny X-Men #9 looks particularly good, and is probably the final X-Men/Avengers team-up before they, well, go to all out war. [CBR]

SXSW:  Fiona Apple Returns!! (And she has bangs.) I honestly had no friggin' clue. Apparently we are to expect a new album released in June. Happy Birthday Captain Elias! The incomparable Fiona performed some oldies and three newbies at SXSW, and by all accounts she was as stage-frightened and anxious as ever, the poor creature. I already like the Anything We Want song, and nothing would give me more joy than a new album. Check out the video, Crave for some reporting from someone who was actually there, and her official site for tour dates (sold out before I knew of them natch) and more video. [Crave] [Fiona]

Happy Friday everyone! Have a fantastic weekend.

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