Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This Week's Comics - 3/7/12

This week is a small Pull List, and exclusively Marvel. Ladies and gentlemen, your pick of the week:

Avengers: Children's Crusade #9. The Finale.


Age of Apocalypse #1(?):  Spinning out of X-Force, we get a new ongoing featuring the...ongoings in the Age of A universe, with Logan all evil and Weapon X/Apocalypsey, and Jean Gray fighting to the death or something. Also there's some group of angry well-trained humans called the X-Terminated. Strangely, I'm not a huge fan of AofA stuff, and this doesn't look terribly interesting to me but I may give it a try (though I've soured on dystopian stories lately, thanks Battle Royale.)

Avengers Academy #27:  The AAcademy vs. the Runaways. I haven't read anything from the Runaways kids since Joss Whedon's disastrously awful short run on the title. But here's what I know: A) I'd want the Runaways to win and B) if the artist on the interior pages is the same as the cover artist, I may rip the comic on half. Manga type anime cartoon crap art just makes me angry.

Avengers: Children's Crusade #9: One of the best superhero books of the past year comes to an end. Cassie Lang's funeral. The fate of the Scarlet Witch decided (pssst they don't kill her.) And the stage-setting for next months Avengers vs. X-Men explosion. This series has been beautiful, humorous, intense and steeped in Marvel Superhero history, as well as its newest generation. I own them all and love them and all and still would consider buying the hardcover/TPB when it's collected.

Uncanny X-Men #8:  I've actually been enjoying Gillen's Tabula Rasa arc. I don't know how much I enjoyed the two-survivors of an alternate race standoff thing, one peaceful one violent (Doctor/Master anyone?), but I like that Storm was the one to stop it with the power of her words (Xander's Yellow Crayon speech anyone?) Mostly I think Gillen's got a decent grasp on most of these characters, though it feels as if he does the men better and makes them all a bit similar; hardcore, deadpan, and succinct. The worst part of all of these issues though is the artist. His plastic, awkward, hollow characters have no fire or life and I couldn't care less about them. Get a new Uncanny artist already, it's ridiculous. It ruins good writing (so imagine how painful it was to see this art with Matt Fraction on Uncanny.)

X-Men #26:  Storm's little rag-tag intense team is trying to save Jubilee, but now they're allied with some ancient "vegetarian" vampire warriors who took Jubes in to try and help her control her cravings for human red-juice. But naturally there's a bounty on her head, or the vampires' heads, or the X-Men's...I forget who the bounty is on, but a lot of super-assassins are showing up on the remote island where we've left our heroes, and it's time for a fun-team up and some enjoyable superpower battling.

That's it, that's all. I refuse to even look at the new Marvel mid-sized, reasonably priced, well made action figures that don't play favorites but have almost every character you could want, hanging right over the new comics in my regular store, let alone contemplate buying them. That would be me exceeding my income, and God and Mrs. Bennett both know I can't afford that to happen.

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