Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Comics - 2/29/12

On the day the Earth shall Leap, new comics shall be released. Avengers shall clash, zombies shall run amok, and slayers shall struggle. Thus it is written.

Pick of the Week goes to Unwritten. The Avengers issues look fun, and like something may finally happen, and Angel & Faith is certainly intriguing with it's family reunions, but not many things on the stands, or even in bookstores for that matter, can compare to the ambition and creativity of Mike Carey's ongoing story. Click on, o traveller among the Net, for the full list (it ain't a long one.)


Angel & Faith #7:  Gage's new arc is certainly a bit unexpected. Drusilla returning may be less surprising, though her apparent sanity is certainly new, but Faith's father showing up is downright unimagined. I mean, we've never heard her say I word about him that I can recall, just a passing reference way back in season 3 to a drunk uninterested mother. Nonetheless she has shared her views on men often and with gusto, so one can only imagine the true character of her father, provided he actually IS her father and truly had a relationship with her when she was young. Guess we'll see.


Unwritten #34.5:  Another point-whatever issue, so instead of Tom(my)'s adventures we get some exposition and deeper insight into other characters and events of this world. This month we learn something new about Wilson Taylor, the late father of Tom, writer of Tommy Taylor, and architect of most of what we've experienced so far. The comic finds Wilson Taylor as a youth in World War I, where legends of battles and warriors begin coming true and, as usual, the literary, fictional world and reality start getting hard to tell apart.


Walking Dead #94:  I'm not sure if I'm going to buy this, or if I still in fact buy and read this comic regularly. I know I got the last one, and Rick's new sense of hope and scope is I guess heartening, after 100 issues of doom and gloom, but judging by the cover and the solicit ('They were not expecting this...") things don't stay shiny for long. I'm shocked.


Astonishing X-Men #47:  This hasn't been the best alternate reality story I've ever read, even X-specific, and I really don't understand why it was even written. We pretty much JUST had Age of X, and A vs. X is coming up. Perfect opportunity to focus and play and delve into some main X-characters, or whomever the writer's favorite may be, instead of confusing the issue (double meaning) with a pointless, imaginary arc that has no effect on anything, then throwing a sub-par artist into the mix. Still...Storm's on the cover. God I'm a sucker.

Avengers #23:  Captain America held hostage. Obama talking to terrorists. Cap explaining to Obama that the USA doesn't negotiate with female murderers who call themselves snakes and lead armies of nazis.  Also other superheroes hopefully escape and do some fighting. But mostly it's Bendis venting his newly discovered frustration wtih his President (just a few years ago he was getting rid of Osborn and putting the world back into hopey changey order.)

FF #15: All hope lies in Doom, etc. etc. Guest starring Power Pack! That's kinda fun, hopefully giving it the feel of an old-school (70s?) type of X-Men/NYC heroes crossover, such as Mutant Massacre or Inferno. The Power Pack munchkins were always getting involved in that stuff. Now they're grown up--Alex is on FF and Lighstpeed or whatever her name is is in Avengers Academy and out as a lesbodian.  Not the best comic ever but hey, it's got nice colors and superpowers.

New Avengers #23:  The B-Team takes on Norman Osborn himself. Someone dies and an Avenger leaves the team in defeat. So, yeah, things work out pretty much as you'd expect them to. The Luke Cage team experiment is all but over. Look for AvX to be the final nail in the coffin.

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