Friday, February 3, 2012

Next Week's Previews

Today I'm just gonna put up some purty and colorful previews of next week's new comics. Life is good and busy and my sweet dog has moved into my own apartment. If you scroll down and read all the previews, perhaps you will find a picture of her radiant canine self sleeping in her new home (yes, I have taken her in and will never let her go.)

On the comics front, big news this week is the announcement of more Watchmen comics, either prologues or sequels I forget. Either way, I'm not terribly invested. Everyone goes on and on about Watchmen and Alan Moore and I can see that it did a lot for comics in general when it was released, but I was never the biggest fan of the story itself. Besides, even if it were the greatest thing ever released in comics form, doesn't that make rehashing it with new writers some 30 years later an idiotic and purely financial idea?

So, preview-wise, we'll be sticking with some tried and true Marvel comics as well as the new Angel & Faith, featuring the return of Drusilla, a character I'm looking forward to reading on account of some recently viewed Buffy reruns that featured her. (Often at the end of her episodes she just slinks away into the shadows while Buffy makes a pun instead of, say, killing her and saving countless future lives. I've always felt Drusilla is one of Buffy's biggest slay-fails.)

All previews via CBR. Except for this little munchkin:

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the Superbowl.

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