Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Week's Comics - 2/1/12

The first day of February and already there are new comics which I will read (and store and read again) being unloaded out of cardboard boxes mere blocks away. It's a good way to start the month, even though this week brings a thin pull list.

Uncanny X-Men #6

Considering the stacks I used to carry out of the comic store when I had no semblance of restraint, it's a downright emaciated pull list. Five comics, just five, and all Marvel. And yes, most of them are X-Men related. I gone done shocked ya now, didn't I?


Avengers Academy #25:  The solicit talks about students vs. faculty, but hopefully the evil alternate-future version of Reptil will reveal his true colors, ending this long subterfuge-y arc and returning to some more stories that either tie into the Avengers legacy or have more fun with the original Academy cast (which Gage spent so much time on before but now seem peripheral.) Also, it would be nice if Justice acquired a personality (let's look to the GOTG future there.)

Avengers X-Sanction #3:  This is really wretched, and it's possible that if it was actually well written I may not notice on account of the horrendous awful art. As I recall Cable still hasn't really explained what he's doing, save "fighting for the future" or whatnot, and I don't think he's even mentioned Hope just yet. Still, I'm pretty excited for AvX and if this little shit show's gonna set the stage or drop some clues, I'm gonna be there.

Uncanny X-Force #21:  The team is in the Omniverse now. Or the Otherworld, whatever. Fantomex is sentenced by a very superior court of Captain Britains, Reality Protectors and Party Ruiners, and injected with anti-reality serum. Zoinks. Pyslocke becomes Lady Briton (more purple hair!) and Deadpool loses his head, literally of course.

Uncanny X-Men #21:  The X-tinction team has ventured into a mysterious land called Tabula Rasa, the evolutionary aberration that sprung up in Montana due to the events in Uncanny X-Force. There they will meet The Immortal, who looks kind of like a cross between a Nimrod and a cheap action figure I had when I was 12. Hopefully it's some jaw-dropping surprise who's under the armor, but Gillen'll probably string us along a few more weeks. First we'll have to watch each 2 person X-team lose in battle. Psyclocke and Magneto are up first.

X-Factor #231:  They Keep Killing Madrox continues, and this issue promises to end in a surprise twist that will tie together the whole arc. So perhaps we finally learn what exactly is shunting Madrox from reality to reality on the heels of a dupe dying. Meanwhile he gets stuck in a reality where he's gotta fight Steve Rogers, as if the situation doesn't stink enough. Except some good monologuing; Jamie's become quite the pro. (It's not as easy as it seems...)

All right folks, go spend your money on comics. With a light week like this, keep your eyes open for discount boxes. Yknow, those incredibly tempting long boxes with insane sales that may just have that comic you've always wanted to find, which you pretend doesn't exist normally but if you have some extra money and you've been good maybe you should just take a look before that amazing comic is taken by somebody else.


  1. did you read Avengers Academy #25?

  2. Why does Psylocke look like she's happy after being knocked unconscious?