Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Week's Comics - 2/22/12

My Pull List this week is exclusively has happened before. What can I say, I like my mutants. Behold the Pick of the Week:

X-Men Legacy #262 takes the cake, not just because others are weaker (don't love Jubilee as a vampire, X-Force may be getting too weird for me, Academy has a too-large cast, etc) but because it's the first time post-Schism that Wolverine's X-Men and Cyclops come face to face. Considering the Schism may not last all that long, what with Avengers vs. X-Men starting in a little over a month, I expect this will be interesting.


Avengers Academy #26:  Like I said, this whole "Second Semester" arc, with the school moving to the ol' Avengers West Coast compound, seemed exciting at the start. But between mind-time-travelling Reptil and murdered-turned-murderous Jocasta, not to mention lesbian teen heroes and angsty adolescents, this comic has just become too....full. The title's strength was the focus on its small group of new and damaged heroes. Regardless, this week brings us the conclusion to the arc, so expect everyone to fight Jocasta and then learn a lesson somehow.

Fantastic Four #603:  I have no idea what's going on here. Not because it's so brilliant and beyond me (hopefully) but because this "world-shattering epic" has not stayed with me in any remotely memorable way. The solicit says Galactus is fighting the celestials (vaguely remember that) and the team makes a last stand. Im not sure why I'm still buying this--Johnny's back, which is nice I guess, and the pictures shooor are purty. Once the arcs done, so am I.

New Mutants #38:  Not my favorite x-book, but Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have an interesting take on the team, taking them out of the spotlight a bit while at the same time making them Cyclops' best soldiers. I trust 'em enough to not stop reading this. Plus they have some plans to play with their different powers apparently, and at least this week they're doing any more Norse mythology crossovers.

Secret Avengers #23:  I was almost completely done with this title before the writer/cast change, and with Hawkeye spouting off I don't know how long I can last. Still, reading Beast articulately rim Hank Pym a new one about suggesting building a robot for their new station? That's just good clean fun.

Uncanny X-Force #22: The Otherworld (not omniverse, sorry) story continues. AofA Nightcrawler turns out to be super chivalrous and noble, despite his tough exterior. Psylocke as Lady Briton seems to be possibly seducing Fantomex. Mostly I could use some more Excalibur teammembers reuniting, and less utter bonkers weirdness.

X-Men #25:  Gischler seems out of ideas. After a pretty boring arc featuring a fictional eastern European crazy military standoff (an episode of West Wing would be more incisive, and they weren't known for their reasoned, original views) he's back to X-Men vs. Vampires. Cause he didn't write that one to death 25 issues ago. Oh well, it's got Storm, and i'd watch Ororo the Vampire Slayer any day.

X-Men Legacy #262: Pick of the week. After talking down Exodus, the School team must get to Utopia and stop him from killing Cyclops and his team. Expect some miscommunications, some unnecessary violence, and some very necessary violence.  Gage is doing a better job here than with Academy, but not as good as Angel and Faith. And after years of such beautiful art on this book, I cannot get over how juvenile and uninteresting the new artist is. Still, the cover's pretty cool, and Gage has a handle on the characters.

And lastly, if I had money, I would buy Quasar Classic TPB Vol. 1. He's a big cheeseball, yes, but I love Quasar, especially kinda old school Quasar. I also think he's completely gay. One day, I hope to write his long unknown love story with Adam Warlock, and his final evolution to an actual non-whiny confident capable superhero.

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