Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Week's Comics - 2/8/12

Between a busy work week, canine responsibilities and the Super Bowl, I haven't had much time to think of new posts. However, I it seems to have been pretty slow in the comic-news department these days so I haven't missed much, except perhaps for some new superhero movie trailers (Avengers, Spidey) and a recently revealed AvX cover that shows us Thor battling a very yonic Phoenix force.

So let's just get right to the meat of the week; Wednesday's new comics. As usual my Pull List is Marvel-heavy, though streamlined, but we've got some more publishing houses in the mix this time around, and the competition for Pick of the Week is not in Marvel at all. It's between the best title DC has, The Unwritten, and Dark Horse's newest Buffy issue, which may not be my favorite comic but this week has a fantastic cover and a story to tell about our old friend Nikki Wood, the NYC Slayer and single mom from the 80s. Read on for the full list and Buffy preview.


The Unwritten #34:  It seems Tom(my) Taylor has climbed the rungs of the mysterious malevolent conglomeration authority that seems to be behind not only his troubles, but human histories, and finally comes face to face with Pullman for a showdown. However don't expect too much closure; Mike Carey has said in interview that they have the series basically plotted out at an even 100 issues. Here's hoping. Once that's done I must reiterate my desire for Carey to write some actual Tommy Taylor prose novels.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer #6:  The Zompires seem to be increasing in number, the SFPD go to Buffy for help but find Spike instead, and Buffy has a problem that ends up bringing ex-Principal and Slayer Son Robin Wood back into the mix. All that's side stuff, the cool Buffy-canon meat comes with Nikki Wood, NY Slayer, and we get to see her Cruciamentum! The barbaric Slayer/Watcher tradition where, upon a Slayer's 18th birthday she is drugged and thus removed of her powers and forced to kill a vampire or be killed. That little ritual led to one of Buffy's best episodes ever, and Nikki's is pretty intense as well. Probably moreso, since it turns out she was pregnant with Robin during hers. "The mission is what matters."


New Mutants #37:  Mephisto finally collects on his deal with Amara, and despite Bobby's solar powered jealousy they go on a date. Hijinks no doubt ensue.

Secret Avengers #22:  The new team debuts here, with Captain America out and Hawkeye in as leader, and the joining of Captain Britain. It's still Warren Ellis though, so expect solid comics. Hopefully he won't make Hawkeye as annoying as most people do. He didn't come off so well in that point one issue either.

Wolverine and the X-Men #5:  Kitty's pregnant, and no one really knows how or by whom or why it's growing so fast. Could be Brood-related, naturally. Or little Iceman snow-babies. Either way, look for Beast to do some scientific sleuthing a la Madam Frizzle and her Magic School Bus, and Kitty to do some cross-country Utopia phone calling. Good luck trying to get through to Collossernaut, guy's a meathhead these days.

X-Men #24:  Jubilee's been kidnapped, and Storm's gonna find her. Naturally it's more vampires who took her, and seem intent to teach her about her 'heritage' and true capabilities. Hopefully her cool firework powers come back, cause honestly I'm just still not sold on the whole Jubilee-as-vamp thing. In fact, I don't think I'm even sold on Gischler. And yet it's the X-Men and I'm obviously into it.

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