Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DnA on New Mutants, with a Preview of #38

CBR's latest X-Position installment has DnA answering questions about their work on New Mutants.  As usual, especially with a big event such as Avengers vs. X-Men coming up, they're fairly cagey in terms of possibly revealing any spoilers.

Still, some things come out, such as the fact that they intend to keep Dani powerless (and see her as a "stand-out" Captain America-leader type character), Nate Grey will probably regain the full extent of his own powers eventually, and that they are more than willing to get back to writing cosmic comics so long as Marvel offers the opportunity. So wake up, Marvel execs, cause their cosmic work was about ten times better than their current 'street level' superheroics.

Read the article at CBR and read on here for the preview of New Mutants #38, which brings us to our final sneaky spoiler of the day: the return of Bird Brain!! The one and only Ani-Mate who was present, and in part responsible, for the death of Doug Ramsey. Talk about unfinished business.

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