Monday, February 13, 2012

More Avengers vs. X-Men Covers

As the weeks roll by and we get closer to the April beginning of the AvX epic, Marvel continues to release covers that reveal some hints as to future plot developments as well as please the eye. Check out all the newest ones below, with some mild speculation.

Flaming Hope on the run, looking like she's lost all her allies by Round 4.

The solicit says an Avenger in space betrays his team to fulfill their destiny with the Phoenix. My guess is Protector turns on Thor here, and that his mission involves resurrecting his idol Captain Mar-Vell, who we saw in an earlier released Cover.  

My money's on Rogue, though I can't say I agree with the hair-pulling trick. Monet would be a nice addition to this slugfest.

Looks as if Iron Fist is on Hope's side, and therefore against his Avengers team. Makes some sense when thinking about the other cover showing a Phoenix'd up Iron Fist. Perhaps HE is the Avengers betrayer.
A nice grudge match with a lot of history behind it. Expect words about Sue Storm.
The kids get in the game, and it seems as if the Academy kids are tasked with taking down (which they apparently accomplish) Generation Hope and the New X-Men. You'd think Gen Hope kids would be more central to Hope's story, but the generational match-ups should be pretty fun. Nice to see Noriko back in the story.
Pretty sure Mettle has no chance, even against a mindwiped Shaw. Shaw as rescuer of the X-kids would be a fun twist.
The second issue of the battle-centric tie-in Vs. shows the X-Men in a losing situation. I mean, Spider-Man can't really lose to Juggernaut, even if it IS Colossus, and Gambit beating Captain America? As if.

Speculation is pretty damn enjoyable, but it'll get even better when the first issue comes out and some of the unknown plot threads are revealed (who switches alliances, what the Avengers intentions truly are, if any other cosmic guys/entities get involved, etc.) All the writers and artists are exciting; Simonson on Avengers should be lovely and apparently Hickman contributed some unexpected, outside-of-the-box ideas for the series. I'm really very psyched for this event. It's simple, direct, action packed, relevant to the history of both franchises, and hugely appealing to the fanboy I am.

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