Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Audience Participation

So I've been sitting on this definitive horror movie guide for several months now, and instead of typing it up and posting it, it just keeps growing with every illegal download perpetrated by my computer (there's a horror-fan-Mac-ghost who does so without my knowledge.) I just can't seem to figure out what to do---sit on it and keep it exclusively for STB? Or knock it into parts, and give it to some bigger site of fanship, like Forces of Geek or something? A couple comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Don't know if my diverse and massive following is as into horror as I can be on occasion. (There's a couple thrillers thrown into the list, and even an occasional romantic comedy that merits a genre change.)

Otherwise, here's a little Captain Elias update:
Reading: Kirith Kirin (for 5th time...better than I remembered)
Writing: List of new comics to get this week (very very short, for once)
Watching: US Open (when it starts airing at 11am...looking forward to Nadal and Clijsters)
Downloading: Warehouse 13 (yeah, I'm definitely a fan. And not the only one, it keeps breaking Syfy rating records)

In the worlds of comics, tv, Whedon, etc. there's plenty of news, but none I'm terribly interested in for the moment. So to make a half-assed post more like a two-thirds-assed post, here's a pic posted on the always entertaining Comic by Comic, related to the the new Disney buyout of Marvel.

Have a good one boys and girls.

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