Saturday, September 5, 2009

Horror Movie Update(s)

Bloody Disgusting has a review of The Descent Part 2, and it's a pretty good one. Apparently the follow-up is not as intense, as it would probably be impossible to recreate the tone Neil Marshall hit in the first one, but is still very watchable. The return of Juno is confirmed (huzzah!) and a third act twist is promised. I've been waiting for awhile, and, thanks to Bloody Disgusting, I will adjust my expectations before finally viewing it. Release date is December 4th (in the UK at least) but I'm hoping it shows up online before that.

In other news, Mother's Day is being remade with Rebecca De Mornay, a new Halloween movie has already been green-lit (in 3D), despite Final Destination kicking Michael Myers' box office butt, a Dorian Gray horror movie is in production, with Colin Firth, and the Spaniards have made a sequel to REC, even though I'm pretty sure everyone died horribly in the first one. Also, it's been announced that a sequel to 30 Days of Night is in the works, but not with Melissa George as Stella, so it seems pretty pointless to me. The first one was fantastic. And in more comic book horror movie news, Guy Ritchie is set to direct Lobo, with Jason Statham as the nose-pierced violent main character. Comic by comic has a cool mockup of what he'll look like.

My next horror viewing will be The Shortcut, which stars the daughter from The Riches, Surrey (sp?) from 30 Rock, and James Franco's little bro, who is probably just as hot. Tagline says it's about brothers who discover a mysterious shortcut in their town, but some preview pics show it's more of a slasher, with some old guy in chains. Probably shouldn't even give it a shot, being direct to dvd and all, but it's difficult to resist a good new prerelease torrent. Plus it keeps me away from the cam versions of the big budget ones, and helps me wait for Jennifer's Body. (But not for Sorority Row....I swear.)

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