Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Batgirl Makeover

Here I thought Stephanie, after getting a firm tongue-lashing (get your mind out of the gutter) from Oracle, would take up the traditional role and don the thigh high yellow high-heels, the yellow Bat sign, and the yellow gloves. But this promo looks much more hardcore.

The thing with the showing the hair always seems to me to be an identity reveal, but have it your way superheroes. Point of interest: looks like she's beating on those Mutant punks from The Dark Knight Returns. Maybe this is just a future panel? Either way those dudes deserve the punishment. "Slice and dice, man"? Ugh. Gave me chills.

Also recently heard that Geoff Johns and his new good right arm Francis Manapul are leaving Adventure Comics after 6 issues. Pretty pissed off. The whole beauty of Connor returning and reuniting and fighting was centered on the fact that Johns was running the show and you could trust him. Now he's going to be doing more Flash stories instead, and slowly killing the Rogues. Flash Rebirth has quite honestly had more of a Morrison stink to it than Johns' crisp plots, so I say, save it for the big screen movie script Geoff, and stick to Superboy. (Plus 6 issues is nothing.)

If only he called me before he made these decisions. Also Dan Didio needs to be deposed already.

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