Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Batman vs. Robin

The next issue of Red Robin apparently features some conflict between Red Robin himself and the new Batman. In the exact words of Chris Yost's twitter, "Man, I hope they don't fight."

(See more at The Source.)

Tim and Dick have actually physically clashed before, in the anticlimactic and looong storyline The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, though it wasn't completely in earnest. Mostly they were having a philosophical debate about life and death, bringing back lost loved ones, and Tim's grief and desperation. Still, it seemed as if Tim held his own, especially earlier in that story when the Batcave was overwhelmed by a tsunami of ninjas. (And even Dick admits he's the better detective.)

Then in Battle for the Cowl, which saw Dick emerge as the new Batman (shocker), Tim donned the Cape an' da Cowl for a brief moment to confront Jason Todd's psychotic gun-totin' 'Punisher'-like Batman. He got stabbed in the chest pretty quickly there though. And he's even been trounced by Damian. But in those instances, I completely blame the writers. (Morrison and Daniel.)And it seems to me that Yost is portraying Tim these days as letting go of the reserves that he has held as sacred during his superhero career. Who knows what his limits could be now.

I'm pretty excited for the issue, and I'll miss Ramon Bachs whose artwork I thought was right on key for the first 4 issues. It's my favorite title currently, along with Adventure Comics, and I'm doubly excited for when Connor and Tim reunite. Speaking of Adventure Comics, here's a newly released cover of AC #5, in which a Black Lantern Alexander Luthor (from Infinite Crisis) holds a dead-looking Superboy Prime in his Anti-monitor suit, a la the Superman holding Supergirl pose circa Crisis on Infinite Earths (phew). I'm a bit doubtful of the return of Superboy Prime, yet again, but he's a good foil for Superboy I suppose, and as long as its Geoff Johns at the helm, there's hope.

Check out the DC blog The Source for more choice previews...for instance they've got a bunch of new Titans pages up there, and it looks like they may have found a solid writer finally.

Long Live Red Robin.


  1. I would like to see this combat, specially cos I have hate Robin since ever. Also Batman is my idol, so I would like to see Batman kicking Robin's ass.

  2. Robin is my favorite from the beginning and i cant see him kicked on ass so better let batman prepare well for the fight before he get punched by robin.