Thursday, December 15, 2011

Angel & Faith #5 Preview

There's already a preview up for next month's Angel & Faith. So far I find this title a bit more gripping than the main Buffy flagship title, though both comics are leaving me a bit left down when it comes to hearing the true voices of these beloved characters. Some of the thigns they say and do just aren' character. (Example: Faith wearing a Peace necklace.)

That being said, Angel is the one I can hear most clearly, and while I struggle with this reformed, dress-wearing, pep-talky Faith, I highly enjoy their adventures. The next arc seems to have Harmony in it, as well as Clem, both classic comedy relief periphery guys but not nearly as engrossing as the prospect of Angel somehow turning into or being possessed by the deceased Giles. A clever and unexpected turn from Christos Gage who is really all over the place in the comics world. It's very impressive.

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